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Monday, July 23rd 2012

3:33 AM

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Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:06:00 -0700 (PDT) From: gaberial lair Subject: Darkest Desires Chapter 6 Robbie's body jolted in anguish. His eyes fluttered but there was only darkness around him. His body drenched. The liquid felt like flames. The tortured screams went unheard. Was he deaf? Was his voice gone? Fear consumed him, where was he? What hammered down upon him that created such burning? He struggled to move but the efforts failed. Pain, like he had never before felt. Horrible sharp shooting pain, no part of his body felt safe. In his mind he begged for the kiss of death, the blackness of unconsciousness, any escape, was there not a merciful being free preteens models somewhere?What had happened to him? Who, what, in the world existed to be this cruel? The agony of his wretched body fueled his anxiety. Who was he? Why was there no memory beyond the suffering? The truth was too ugly to remember that perhaps he lost it. The liquid stopped, the burn remained. Was creampie preteen gallery he so evil in his life that this was his destiny? Screams of torment flooded his mind, his thoughts overpowered. The pain was a hateful beast which feasted on his body down to the bone. Mercy, there must be mercy somewhere. Whatever his sins they would not be repeated. God, please mercy, his mind struggled to scream over the pain.Was this death, his self created hell? His grand punishment for a bad life lived? The pain continued to thunder through his body. But if that was the case, he would know his sins? Where was he? Such a small space, his body felt trapped in a vice. A fear crossed his mind that if the walls were not so close perhaps his body would fall apart. Vile fluid filled his mouth. He sputtered no choice but to swallow. The mystery only grew. What the fuck was going on?His body rebelled. The walls did not budge. His hands fought to move to remove the tube that pumped such a vile taste into his mouth. His efforts yielded nothing but increased the intensity of the pain. Loud noises came from behind him. He did not know if he should be preteen young nympho terrified or hopeful.His eyes were forced to squint as the light entered into the room. preteen underage sites Who was behind him? Was it help or more torture? His heart pounded. His eyes refused to focus, his voice still silent. Something warm touched his back softly. The hand arm guided him to the floor as his wrists were released. Sounds, voices, blurred. Was it nonude preteens a foreign tongue? Something was over his eyes; a hazy glow of light was all he saw.Fear instructed him to stay still that stopped preteen videos porno the urge to remove the eye gear. The voices felt so close and sounded so far away. All he could clearly hear was the screams of his body; the voices swirled in and out of it. The words were too quiet against the screams for him to piece them together. Two different voices it seemed, but who were these men? Who was he? Why was he in so nn preteen sandra much pain? Burbled sounds from his lips, nonsensical, steady, barely a whisper. Something cold pressed against his side. Slowly a numbed feeling took on the pain then took him deep back into the darkness of his mind."Jesus Christ, Charlie. It's pretty bad. That shot will knock him out for a while, I don't want him to fight me while I work on him and cause further injury," Dr. Hopkins said as he looked over Robbie concerned. "Fuck, whipped him down to the bone. Help me get him into the other room."They moved the boy into the small exam room then the doctor chased Charlie out of the room. He had never figured out how Charlie could be so brilliant and controlled in His technique in most situations, but allow the anger, the complete darkness of soul to unlash in tough situations. The boys never preteens amateurs listened to his warnings, he always found himself trying to piece them back together. The only credit he could give preteenie porn pics Charlie was the panicked calls were less severe over time. The first, how he wished he had never answered the first. A lifetime dark secret the two men would now always share. He sobbed quietly as worked to thread Robbie's flesh back together.Charlie paced about the dungeon floor. His shoulders ached from the exertion of cracking the whip. Charlie cared not how much pain the boy felt. In His mind the boy deserved all the body could take and more. It was the `and more' that often found Him in trouble. Death was a troublesome beast. It preteen modelling classes was such a mess to clean up after. The sleepless nights, the flashbacks, death was not His thrill, but perhaps His demise. It made Him weak. Panic now entered His mind. Death forced the truth that His toys were living beings that might have a tiny existence, even if it was only as His slave. Charlie closed His eyes. He preferred to not see them preteens tgp as living things just the object for His darkest desires.Charlie had never known a true love. He felt that it was an impossible emotion for Him. The friendship known with the doctor had existed for a lifetime, both too young to even remember their first meeting. Charlie felt safeness in the friendship. It was the doctor that He first explored His homosexual feelings with. Even the sex existed to Charlie as only physical. He knew it was harder for Samuel. Charlie took a drag from a cigarette piss face preteen as He recalled the night before His friend married. The deep confession of his deep love for Charlie, Samuel was willing to leave her for Him. Charlie in perhaps the only gentle moment of His life explained He did not feel the same. He encouraged His friend to marry the woman. They never spoke of that night again but the sex continued, always loloita preteen links at Charlie's whim.The doctor emerged from the exam room. Charlie disrupted from His thoughts stopped His pacing. The look on His friend's face said it all. ukrain preteen The boy was fine. He waited though. He had known this man long enough to know there was more to be said."I know you will reject what I think he needs. So at bare minimum please do not lay into him for the next week or so," Dr Hopkins requested. He knew better then to demand of Charlie."Sure, Sam, I have to head back into the city for work anyway. The little puke can lay like a slug in his cell to his heart's content. If I'm feeling nice, I might remember food," Charlie chuckled pleased there was still other ways to torment the boy.The two carried the boy carefully from the exam room to the small cell. Once Robbie was laid on the thin mattress, they locked the door and left the boy sealed inside. They stood there for a moment both silent as they stared at nn preteen sandra each other. Charlie took Samuel's hand headed for the door. He shut off the lights and headed up out of the dungeon. Charlie tried to recall just how long it had been since He last spent the night with the doctor. Such a fucked up past they shared, but it was a bond no one could ever touch. Samuel wouldn't leave unscathed, but the emotions Charlie felt were different. As deep as His darkness ran, this was the one person He could not truly hurt. preteen legal 10 He struggled to say it was love.Charlie's quarters were rich in a deep cherry wood. The colors of the room were a rich gold and deep burgundy. He had modeled the room from a shoot He had done many years ago. He loved how the colors matched to the dark wood. Charlie pulled Samuel down upon the king size bed.As He stroked Samuel's hair softly, Charlie ravished Samuel's lips. His eyes twinkled as He lay upon Samuel's body. Yes, this was different. He slowly undid the buttons on Samuel's shirt. Charlie chuckled at the few gray chest hairs. Yes, they were both indeed no longer young men. He pulled out a hair or two then lightly kissed the spot. He yanked the shirt off and threaded it through the headboard. Charlie then used the sleeves to tie Samuel's wrists.Charlie rubbed, pinched, and pulled on Samuel's nipples in His hands. His lips hungrily explored Samuel's. A trace of electricity traveled down His spine, a power no slave kiss could have induced. Underneath Him, He could feel Samuel's cock pressed hard against the pants that held it. The tingle of the kiss remained as Charlie pulled back from it. Slowly, one by one, He undid the buttons on His own shirt. Samuel's eyes locked upon Charlie as He undressed.Samuel's heart raced against his chest. He knew his hands were not that secured. Samuel toyed with the idea of freeing himself to grab and throw Charlie down and take him. But Samuel knew his lover's x rated preteen heart. It would only upset him, always the control freak. There was no doubt as to where it came from, but now was not the time. Samuel admired the sculpted chest as it was revealed.How nonude preteens Samuel's body soared as those lips were once again upon his. A lifetime of lust, he had never learned how to harness. He pulled against the shirt the tied him to draw closer to Charlie. The game model preteen girl had started. Samuel had to smile to himself. The silly game they had been playing since being only kids. Charlie slowly tormented him. Samuel fought to keep his urges for it to move along. The battle of wills, Charlie always won.Charlie's lips traveled down to Samuel's neck. He softly kissed the warm flesh at first. Down to the shoulder, He sucked and kissed the flesh. Once to the shoulder blade, Charlie sank His teeth deep into the flesh. Samuel's body jerked underneath Charlie's a soft groan escaped from his preteen young nympho lips. The nipples pulled and rubbed by Charlie's fingers. Soft moans in the air as Charlie roughly explored His friend's body. The harshness followed by a soft touch, He worked over the nipples. His teeth sank into the nipple to draw blood then His lips gently sucked to soothe the pain.Samuel preteens tgp squirmed under Charlie. He looked down to see his chest covered in the numerous bite marks. The tip of his cock had pressed its way up out of the waistband of his pants. It ached to be freed of the clothes that held it prisoner. Samuel's chest throbbed in a dull ache from the bites.Charlie sat up; He ran His fingers over the bare chest. He wished He could change for one night. Samuel was hard, the cock pulsed. One day, He'd find a way, tonight was not it. He was who He preteen porn thumbs was; Samuel wanted to be with Him despite it. Charlie yanked off the pants which left Samuel in just his boxers. Charlie slipped His hand up under Samuel's boxers. The skin felt so cool against His hand.Charlie crawled up to Samuel's lips. The lips met with the softest touch at first, Charlie pressed deeper. That feeling was there if He explored enough. The passionate kiss grew a fiery dance with their tongues. Then there it was for a fraction of a second, Charlie felt His heart flutter. There in that briefest moment, the closest emotion He could associate with any kind of love. Only Samuel gave Him that feeling, but Charlie would never allow Samuel to see that. His own fear would not even allow for His own admittance.Charlie freed Samuel's wrists, His mind still obsessed with that cool skin. His finger traced up the bottom of Samuel's chin. Charlie looked deep into Samuel's eyes for a brief moment as if to say I'm sorry. Samuel reached for Charlie; his fingers brushed the cheek ever so lightly. A dark cloud appeared in Charlie's eyes as He grabbed the wrists. Fear flashed through Samuel's eyes. Even in the lifetime of being together, in Charlie never have crossed the boundaries, Samuel could never shake the horrible violence he knew his love was capable of.Charlie threw Samuel face down into the bed. Then He straddled onto Samuel's back his boots back pinned the shoulders down. The thin red silk fabric to be Samuel's only defense as the large hands of Charlie's thundered down across the bum. Both hands rapid full of the body's might, the slaps echoed in the room. Samuel handled about two minutes of this before he fought from under Charlie. Each cry, each jolt of the body, drove Charlie on with each hard thud down girls preteen nudists upon the flesh His cock throbbed harder.Charlie hopped off the side of the bed to yank off the boxers. He rubbed the hot flesh now more to His liking. Samuel softly sobbed into the bed. Charlie undid His own pants and removed them with fashion preteen pics His boxers. He slipped nudist preteen boy back into bed. This time Charlie lifted up Samuel and lid under him. He sat up against the headboard, Samuel's hot breath and tears against His cock.Charlie petted Samuel's hair gently as He whispered, "There, there, baby, you're doing a great job." Charlie reached to the nightstand and picked up His cat o nine tails.Charlie snapped the tails down across Samuel's back. He pushed His cock into Samuel's mouth. The cock stifled Samuel's cries as Charlie snapped the tails down on Samuel's back again. Charlie shivered as the cries vibrated against His cock. He sat back against the headboard relaxed every few moments the tails snapped across Samuel's back again.Samuel wrapped his lips tight around Charlie's cock. He sucked up and down the shaft. Precum drizzled over his tongue which Samuel lapped up. The muscles of his body tensed with each assault of images only preteens the tails. Samuel tried to push aside the pain to focus on the cock. The greater the fire upon his back the deeper he took the cock into his throat. He sucked harder and harder as if it would extinguish the angry flames. A particularly hard blow left him buried into Charlie's lap as his body shook. He sobbed shamelessly at the agony as he pulled back off the cock.Samuel lightly placed his hand on Charlie's that held the flogger. Charlie nodded His understanding. Charlie laid the flogger aside and pushed Samuel down on his back. Charlie's dark eyes locked in with Samuel's. The fear and anguish still there not fully masked behind the love in Samuel's eyes. Charlie lowered down over Samuel as He reached to kiss those lips. While they kissed Charlie's fingers worked to lube and relax Samuel's anus.Charlie pushed His cock through the resistance into Samuel's bud. His tongue enthralled with Samuel's as His cock rocked in and out of Samuel. Samuel's body jerked each time Charlie pushed down hard into him against the mattress. The small groans, the twitches of the body drove Charlie in and out harder. loloita preteen links The kiss burned between their lips full of electricity. Charlie's hand stroked Samuel's cock hard as He continued to hammer in and out.Their bodies coated in sweat, their hearts pounded against their chests. Samuel moaned mixed with groans from the blend of pain on his back and the insane pleasure. Samuel's body trembled as his cock thickened in Charlie's hand. The thick cum covered their chests as his cock erupted. Charlie grunted into Samuel's mouth as His cum filled Samuel's ass. Charlie laid breathless on Samuel and wrapped His arms around him as He drifted off to sleep.Samuel took deep slow breaths. His eyes watched Charlie as He drifted to sleep. Samuel's mind couldn't help but wander back in time to their past. Long and complicated, he wasn't sure another could ever understand their relationship. He shifted to attempt to remove some weight from his sore back. Despite even this, Samuel couldn't help the love that coursed through his body for Charlie.
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Monday, July 23rd 2012

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